Apartment Teaser

The first of  more renders which are going to follow presents the dinning area of a renovated apartment in an […]


Full CG Scene made to experiment with materials.


  Full CG Scene made after watching an inspirational tutorial at Dabarti.com

somewhere / nowhere

Teaser still Image. Hopefully an Animation is coming soon! click here for larger Image.

AA | Athens | Istanbul

Opening video for the AA workshops in Athens and Istanbul Sound by Οdysseus Κlissouras        

Days of Percussion 2012 Video

This is the opening video done for the Days of Percussion Festival 2012 Music is excerpts from: “Oresteia, 3mov. Agamemnon” – “Polytope […]

Enter Ateneo

In collaboration with Shane Winter This design proposal offers a differentiation of space and use.Using light and material it presents […]

Air and Cardboard 2010

“After the disaster there was no place to stay, no home, nothing… -The next day came the containers, two containers […]

Piraeus Tower 2010

In collaboration with Panagiotis Ireiotis An ongoing contrast of more than 30 years, seeking to find its own public character. […]

Athens [Bench]Mark

The Bench becomes an object which also informs the passengers except its primary use. A code of colours is used […]

Awning Structure

In collaboration with Yannis Anyfantis This is a study made to cover a stage in Acharnes town hall. Through 3d […]

Sony Woman Store

In collaboration with A2architects The intention of this store’s design was to bring Sony’s technology closer to the women. We […]

House in Euboea

The House is referred to a four person family as their holiday house. On ground floor contains the living room […]

La Palma clothing stores

In collaboration with A2architects This is a design concept of a series of clothing stores called “La Palma”. We decided to clothe […]

Concept Furniture

From the beginning of the project was established the concept to create an easy production, ecological and polymorphic piece of […]

Motlawa Housing Complex

This projects is some ideas for an international competition in Gdansk Poland.The project was developed in two parallel axes, on […]

Single Family House

The house is a hypothetical study on a family and their communication through the space.The scenario asks for spaces where […]

Museum of Technology

Influences we get for our everyday life triggered the idea for a museum of technology in the city of Athens. […]

Media Center

This project is the first contact with design in general. The company asked for a design of a case to […]